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Alexander Marchant believes in a shared vision and collective understanding that great design brings joy to our lives. It’s as simple as the feel and look of the perfect door knob, cabinet pull, faucet or bathtub.

We value our working relationship with design-centric clients and trade professionals alike. It’s these design hungry clients who inspire us to seek what’s next!

Alexander Marchant is growing!
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Facts & Snacks

Electric Mirror
Austin, Brentwood Showroom – Thursday, April 27th, 11am
OKC Showroom – Tuesday, June 13th, 11am.

Austin, Brentwood Showroom – Wednesday May 24th.
OKC Showroom – Thursday, May 25th. 11am

Finery by Laura Burton
Austin, Brentwood Showroom: Wednesday, September 13th. 11am

Classic Brass
Austin, Brentwood Showroom: Wednesday, August 16th. 11am

Austin, Brentwood Showroom: Wednesday, October 18th. 11am

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