Mother of All Crystal Chandelier

Mother of All Crystal Chandelier. Complete with all the glitz and glamor of the 1930’s.  Combining Palmes bronze with 24kt Nitrate gold, beads and 20 indirect lights makes for a stunning show piece for any room.

Every chandelier is still completely made by hand taking up to two months to complete. In Bagues workshops, iron and bronze are shaped according to traditional techniques. Chandeliers, lamps and wall sconces are leaf gilt gold or silver leaf, and the crystals are hand assembled.

The Maison Baguès remains, for many decorators, a synonym of elegance and a guarantee of excellence as the most beautiful models of their Collection are re-edited for large French and international decoration offices.

24″ H x 39″ D

Palmes bronze with 24kt Nitrate gold and beads

*Made To Order:  Please allow a 12 week lead time for delivery.

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    Mother of All Crystal Chandelier

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