Kreoo Nabhi n°7 Marble Sink

Kreoo Nabhi n°7 Marble Sink. Kreoo is known for their precise, innovative and careful choice of materials.  The name Kreoo has a precise reference to the Greek verb kraino meaning “to create, to realize”: from Ancient Greece, Kreoo draws the instinct for perfection and harmony and translate it into a contemporary, aesthetic and innovative vocabulary. Made in Italy, Kreoo, is distributed internationally and is present in the best show rooms of the world.

16-3/10″ D x 6-3/10″ H
19-1/7″ D x 6-3/10″ H

Bianco Calacatta, Bianco Estremoz, Nero Marquina, Grigio St. Marie, Vero Irlanda, Sodalite, Onice Bianco, Rosso Alicante, Verde Ming, Emperador Dark

Please contact (512) 462-1444 or email for pricing.

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    Kreoo Nabhi n°7 Marble Sink

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