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Why we love Kast Concrete Basins

Whether you’ve been searching around on pinterest.  Or, sifting through your favorite design websites. It’s no secret that concrete sinks are a major design trend for 2018. Leading the market with their striking and sophisticated forms is Kast Concrete Basins.

Kast Concrete Basins, Rena

Kast offers 13 different unique hand wash basin designs that come in a choice of 22 different colors.

Kast Color Options

Concrete is a material that combines the organic characteristics of natural stone with the ability to cast into any shape.  Unlike natural stone, concrete can be manufactured in a wide array of finishes and colors using a variety of tents and precision blends of admixtures. Much like a natural stone or timber, concrete will also naturally patina over time and will evolve depending on the usage and surroundings.  Thus adding to the aesthetic appeal making Kast Concrete Basins so unique.

Kern | Kast Concrete BasinKern Basin | Vola Faucet

Sienna | Bert & May’s Supper Club

Flor Mini Basin | Vola Faucet

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Rena Basin | Vola Faucet

Yellow Cloud Studio

Flor Mini |  Martha Vineyard Interior Design

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