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BUSTER + PUNCH: Heavy metal home furnishings

Motorcycles and rock music aren’t what you’d expect to find inspiring a high-end furnishings brand, but they definitely played a role in the formation of Buster + Punch.

The U.K.-based brand known for exquisite hardware, lighting, and furniture with an edgy aesthetic has gotten a global buzz since Massimo Buster Minale launched the company in 2013.

The recent addition of the studio’s LED Buster bulb was the first real designer LED. A central resin light pipe creates a subtle ambient light that hadn’t been possible with previous LED iterations. The bulb, evocative of Edison bulbs, comes in a teardrop or cylinder shape, in gold or smoked finishes as well as clear. In the warmer finishes, it’s about as sensuous and sculptural as a lightbulb could be, and is one more example of where Minale and his team have elevated the utilitarian.

Buster + Punch

The hardware collection includes handles, pulls, and knobs, as well as light switches made of hefty marine-grade steel, with oversized screws and the Buster & Punch knob.  All of Buster + Punch’s products are made from solid metals and manufactured using the same techniques that are used to construct motorcycle parts.  Which is where their iconic knurling pattern drives from.

We are elated to now be selling Buster + Punch hardware and lighting.  The incredible quality and detail on these hardware is something that has to be seen. Please get in touch if you would like a quote for hardware, lighting or switches.